The registration, keynote presentations, and classroom portions of the breakout sessions will take place on the campus of Coker College located in Hartsville, SC. Please view www.hartsvillesc.gov for directions, hotel accommodations, and transportation. Accommodations are the responsibility of the student.

School is Full

Breakout Sessions

Down in the Ditch - Toranze Lee  covers the topic of vehicles that come to rest in various positions in ditches of different sizes and configurations. Although this topic has received little attention over the years from the extrication community, local responders constantly find themselves facing these incidents. Instruction will cover scene assessment, set up, hazard control, and advanced techniques such as Cracking the Egg, Darlington Roll, tunneling, floorboard operations, etc.

Limited to 40 Students

Cars Hanging Around - Les Baker  covers the topics of vehicles hanging from structures, trees, guide wires, etc. and the challenges responders must manage. These extrication incidents also require the use of ladders and in many cases high angle rescue tactics while operating tools. Students will complete scenarios with vehicles in suspended positions utilizing a variety of tools, tactics and rope operations. Students must provide a Class 3 harness and have completed high angle rescue (24 Hour minimum) as a prerequisite. Certificates must be presented with the completed registration form.

Limited to 30 Students

Winching, Moving, and Lifting –  Erik Rickenbachprovides participants practical information, new skills and a better understanding related to winching, rigging, moving, and lifting in various vehicle extrication scenarios.  This session will include using rigging, winching, lifting bags, stabilization equipment, etc. to demonstrate and practice these skills.  

Limited to 30 Students

Advanced Tactics - Randy Schmitz  covers advanced tactics that are not used on a routine basis, but when needed are invaluable. These tactics include floor pushes, inverted patient removal, tunneling, etc. Emphasis will be placed on scenario based training.

Limited to 30 Students

Res-Q-Jack Stabilizaton Univeristy - Cris Pasto presents training on all aspects of res-q-jacks, the most complete line of versatile rescue struts & jacks available today. The practical exercises will cover wheel-resting, side-resting, roof-resting, and over-ride vehicle stabilization and lifts. Exercises will also cover advanced roll-over & over-ride extrication tactics

Limited to 50 Students

Paratech Heavy Lift Operations -  Robert O'Donald provides a better understanding of lifting equipment, including lift bags and struts, available to first responders. The focus will be the safe mitigation of real life scenarios involving vehicles, construction accidents, collapse scenarios, and big rig entrapments.

Limited to 50 Students

Extreme Machinery Ops - Peter Kirwan covers the topic of individuals severely entrapped in large machinery. Students will mitigate complex entrapments in a team format utilizing tools such as lift bags, hydraulics, torches, saws, etc. An emphasis will be placed on operations with patients in close proximity and entrapment scenarios.

Limited to 30 Students

The Southeastern Extrication School gives students the opportunity to learn from nationally recognized instructors and take one of several rare training sessions. These training sessions concentrate on the fundamentals necessary to handle complex extrication scenes.


March 10-11, 2018


The registration fee for the school is $175 per person, which includes keynote presentations, one breakout session, digital copy of all presentations for each department, all course materials, refreshment breaks, lunch on Sunday, Certificate of Completion, CEU Credits through Coker College, and SES T-shirt. Registrations postmarked after 1/31/2018 will be $225 person. Group rates for six students from the same organization are available. Spaces are limited, so early registration is encouraged! Breakout sessions will be filled on a first come first serve basis.

Auditorium Sessions

American Fire Service Command and Leadership - Bobby Halton attempts as best as possible to provide the participants the opportunity to investigate, evaluate and engage in a self-examination regarding the transition between leadership and commandership. The transition is complex and important to understand or one could find oneself failing to exercise commandership and underutilizing and failing to support subordinate officers and or firefighters. By examining the roles, responsibilities, obligations, and duties of the firefighter within both the firefighting community and general society the program strives to supply the participants with problem solving methodologies which reflect our professions highest traditions. 

"Cowboy" Tactics - Nick Martin covers tactical decisions and actions that may be considered thrill-seeking, cowboy, reckless, etc. There is a fine line between necessary and unnecessary. It begins with understanding and is followed with proper execution. Discussing will focus on some tactics that are often given a bad rap, why is that, and what to do about it. Is the problem on your end or "theirs"?

Lessons on Extrication from Down Under - Peter Kirwan discusses some of the lessons he has learned from 25 years as a career firefighter, the last 13 spent as a rescue/extrication instructor in Australia. What can you do as an individual, as part of a crew and part of a fire department to increase your competence and, subsequently, the outcomes of your patients when attending incidents involving entrapped patients.